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Performance of hot work

Target audience

The course is intended for those who perform hot work and who often work in the areas of farming, construction, installation, assembly, disassembly, repairs, maintenance and the like where the work requires machinery and equipment that generates sparks and heat that can result in a fire, for example open flame, hot air, welding, cutting and/or grinding equipment.


The course meets the training and certification requirements for the performance of hot work regulated by the insurance companies’ in their safety regulations for performance of hot work. The course follows the course plan decided by the Committee for hot work and includes theoretical instruction and practical extinguishing. The theory covers the process of certification for fire safety when performing hot work, regulations, fire theory and extinguishing theory, as well as risks and hazards during hot work. Our instructors are certified by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association.



Course validity
5 years. Certificate is issued by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association and is valid in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
Monthly and by request

Det er ikke planlagt noen dato for dette kurset enda. Send oss en e-post på kontakt@nosefo.no eller ring 55 11 70 00 hvis du er interresert, så tar vi kontakt med deg.