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STCW Basic safety training, refresher

Target audience

All maritime personnel mustering a ship or vessel are required to refresh their basic safety training within 5 years.


The course is conducted in accordance with the STCW convention’s regulation VI, section A-VI/1 and tables A-VI/1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 and includes personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire-fighting, and elementary first aid. The course is approved according to IMO regulations and is valid all over the world.


Previously completed basic safety training for seafarers. This must be documented either with valid Certificate of Proficiency for basic safety training for seafarers, that is no older than 5 years; or basic safety training for seafarers with 12 months’ sea time in the last 5 years before 31.12.2016.

Course validity
5 years

Det er ikke planlagt noen dato for dette kurset enda. Send oss en e-post på kontakt@nosefo.no eller ring 55 11 70 00 hvis du er interresert, så tar vi kontakt med deg.