General information

Norwegian Centre for Offshore Education (NOSEFO) is an ideal foundation whose purpose is to provide training for personnel working in the Norwegian petroleum, maritime and land-based industries. We have training centres in Tau, Stavanger, and Bergen.

We offer regularly scheduled courses, as well as tailoring courses to individual clients by request.

We have a broad client base that spans everything from large international companies within both maritime and offshore sectors, to local electrical companies and kindergartens. What most of our course participants have in common is that they work in areas that require certified training.

Kindly pay the course fee prior to the first day of the course, unless other arrangements have been made. NOSEFO Tau has a bank card terminal. If the course fee has been prepaid, a valid receipt must be shown.

Students who are paying for their own course and taking a refresher course, must show that they have a valid course certificate from their previous training.

Remember to bring ID – either a passport, driver’s license or national ID card, with optical variable elements.

Students must bring their own towels, undergarments (with long legs and long sleeves) and socks for all courses that include practical training.
Students taking the fitness test for their Search and Rescue training course must bring running shoes and workout clothing.

Lunch is included in the course fee. NOSEFO provides lunch between 11:00 – 12:30.




Vi bruker informasjonskapsler for å kunne gi deg den beste brukeropplevelsen. Ved å bla videre på siden aksepterer du at slik informasjon benyttes.